Friday, 16 July 2010

"Senator" Pitkin.

Pitkin did actually serve in the American Senate for 3 weeks in 1974 before being ejected for fraud. He was then subsequently tried for perjury in front of the Grand Jury.

Pitkin's reputation for being 'economical with the truth' was confirmed when he was thrown out of Bill Clinton's 60th birthday celebrations after it emerged he was not the son of Tiger Woods & Bette Midler.

Despite philanthropic attempts to restore his fragile reputation, Pitkin recently lost further credibility when he claimed that the Eiffel Tower was a gift to France from himself, and that 'Penguin' biscuits were made by penguins.

He fell out with fellow AZ creator Bauer when, despite Bauer never marrying, Pitkin claimed he was best man at Bauer's wedding.

Pitkin is currently CEO of the Royal Bank of Scotland Group.

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