Friday, 16 July 2010

Diego Bauer.

This is fellow "AZ of Good" creator Diego Bauer.

As a child, Bauer was fascinated by the hand gestures and posturing of Italian policemen, so he began his life by unsuccessfully attempting to direct traffic in Neath town centre using a small spade.

He soon discovered that he also enjoyed the sound of white noise, and decided to learn an instrument. He couldn't afford an oboe or a harpsichord, so started rhythmically cupping his hand over plugholes to create avant-garde masterpieces that have since been lauded by such luminaries as Phil Collins, Lord Owen and Desert Orchid.

One of the founding fathers of AZ Good, Bauer met Pitkin working nights at his local driving range in Seville and they have endured a spectacularly eventful acquaintance ever since.

The flamboyant Bauer is rarely out of the tabloids these days due to a combination of eratic behaviour and his 'creative' dress sense. He claims to have co-written songs with Neil Sedaka for an upcoming musical, based on the life of Jeffrey Archer.

Bauer is the godfather of Pitkin's 3rd child, "Mini Pitkin".

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