Friday, 16 July 2010

Joe Violante.

Joe Violante will be contributing 20 of his favourite songs to "The AZ of Good".

First of a few trustees entrusted with the Trust, Violante's input was always going to be essential as he boasts an eclectic record collection encompassing such diverse acts as Yes, Wu Tang Clan and Kenny Rogers.

Joe won the London Marathon in 1982, and a local West London Caligraphy Competition in 1983.

He appeared on the first ever episode of "Mastermind", and carded an impressive 17 points on "Turkish pornography 1975-1978".

He fell out with best mate Alan Titchmarsh when they were both interviewd on Parkinson in 1987 - they traded insults before Violante threw a pint of milk at the gardener's chest.

He owns over 10 items of clothing and has 3 pairs of shoes.

He once famously said that he'd "rather sneeze than yawn."

Please click on Joe's name (above his picture) for a taster of what you might expect from him...

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