Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Neu Kid On The Block.


"If you build it, they will come."

"I've built it, where are they?"

My name is Nicholas Keith Cresswell.

You may also know me by one of the following aliases...

Cres Dennis
Cres Crestofferson
Bon Nicois
Nicois Bon
Nicky The Crow
Chiswick Park
Linus Good
Senator Klaus Cresswell
Nick E. Wok
Miguel St.Andre
The Pitkin
Moses Arnold
Ted Baum
Sir Charles Dodgson

I am a simple man.

This is my blog.

A blog of love, music, humour, film, observation, thought, fact and wild nonsense.

Wipe your feet, come in, and make yourself at home. I will make you a hot beverage if you're reading this in the morning, some sort of refreshing fruit-based smoothie if you stumble upon it in the afternoon, or a large gin and tonic if it's the evening*.

*I will not actually do any of these things.

(Please click on titles at top of each post, and other links - there's lots of hidden extras and treats, don't you know...)


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