Friday, 16 July 2010

The AZ of Good.


What is the AZ of Good?

Why is the AZ...good?

It's a list.

A subjective, fairly extensive, collaborative list that attempts to chronicle the inspirations behind some humble music-minded folk. Created by myself and my good friend, Diego Bauer, whilst discussing our favourite music, we decided to hand pick some of these favourites for general public consumption.

This was then expanded into the cunning concept of an AZ ("of Good").

Derived from our communal record collections, it is an AZ of artists that we recommend you discover and enjoy, featuring 1 song by each in turn. We wanted some of our friends to get in on the act to provide further depth to the choices, and have asked them to contribute 20 songs or pieces of music each. You will hopefully find some reasoning behind the choices and also some links to hear them, if you so wish. It is not designed to be a 'best ever...' man-list, merely some songs we are fond of.

Whilst the site is under construction, over the course of several blogs, I will introduce you to some of the AZ Good team.

If you click on their names, above their profile pictures, you will get a special treat... from them... to you.


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