Sunday, 18 July 2010

Lars "Rinky Dink" Knudsen.

Lars Knudsen is a contributor towards "The AZ of Good".

When not winning late night 'apres-burlesque' dancing competitions, Knudsen can be found on the seafront in Littlehampton carrying a sandwich board saying "Will Dance for Sweet Juice", in reference to his penchant for fine bourbon, and dancing.

He claims to have been born in a volcano in Peru which has given him special powers - primarily the ability to climb ladders at pace, but also the ability to sleep unaided.

He gained the nickname 'Rinky Dink' from his exploits as an ice-skater (he is the current Commonwealth figure skating bronze medalist) and insists on wearing his ice-skating boots instead of regular shoes.

Lars's wealthy father, Mark, is a market trader who owns the trademark of the trademark symbol 'TM', but Lars spurned the priviledges afforded him and earned his own keep by auctioning off many of his family's possessions whilst they were holidaying in St. Moritz.

"Rinky Dink" formed his own company in 1989 whose trade was marking out vacant lots as car parks - named 'Mark Trading' in opposition to his father Mark's trademarked 'Trade Mark' firm, Knudsen Jnr's company has failed to hit the mark and has recently ceased trading.

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