Tuesday, 27 July 2010

David Wascoe.

Wasco is currently reading "Upholstery" at Leeds Carnegie University, and will be contributing to the "AZ of Good" project (more information on which can be found under the links to "AZ Good").

Born "Bernhard Jimenez" in Barcelona, August 1932, Wasco changed his name because he grew paranoid of people shouting 'Bern Jim! Bern Jim!' every Guy Fawkes night.

In 1972 Wasco had a golf ball surgically removed from his left ear following a stag-weekend prank that backfired.

He is a natural showman, and prone to extreme feats of alcohol consumption. "Some people sleepwalk, some people sleeptalk, I sleepdrink" said Wasco in an interview on the David Letterman show last year, "one night I sleepdrank 2 bottles of tequila and woke up in Tiananmen Square".

Wasco describes himself as 'quite good' at playing the guitar.

He took a year off work in 1974 to travel the globe.

His mission?

"To experience every known illegal drug".

He returned from his travels with a crude tattoo of the Sistine Chapel etched on his face and an excellent sense of smell.

Wasco, an experienced juggler, is known to juggle with garden peas, but finds juggling sweetcorn much harder: "Sometimes sweetcorn is still coated in brine, making it a tricky proposition to juggle effectively".

Click on Wasco's name at the top of this post for footage of him playing guitar, under his stage name...

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