Friday, 5 November 2010

Rod Binns.

Binns was born in Austria but claims he was born in 'Osterreich'. 

Although a key part of the AZ Good team, as he possesses uber-knowledge of minimalist Oompah, he suffers from a rare affliction that makes it hard for him to enjoy music - his eyelids bob up and down in rapid fashion if a song contains drums. They close when he hears a bass (or kick) drum and flick open when he hears a snare drum.

It is therefore extremely dangerous for him to listen to anything other than mellow, classical, acoustic-based or minimalist compositions. He often gets caught out, and has an uncomfortable time if he overhears modern dance music.

"Drum and bass is music from the devil's ball sack", Binns is quoted as saying, in a rare interview with Good Housekeeping magazine last year.

You rarely see Binns outside, and he seldomly communicates with anyone at all as he's 'terrified of making the same mistake once'.

He likes baseball, eggs and listening to music in the bath whilst throwing a rubber ball against the wall.

7 weeks ago he took out £220 from a cash machine.

Binns can smoke cigarettes and feed pigeons, but not at the same time. 

Along with running baths, Binns also enjoys running errands, for cover, marathons, and for mayor. 

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