Saturday, 17 July 2010

Joseph Ouseph.

Joseph Ouseph will be contributing 20 songs to our "AZ of Good" project.

Ouseph claims to have gone to school with Phillip Schofield, and still insists that the 'Silver Prince' is in fact a natural blonde.

Aged 17, Joseph achieved some brief local fame by becoming the first Ouseph to cross the Fal Estuary unaided - something he would later claim was entirely accidental. It is now commonly agreed that he had in fact been attempting to divert the course of the estuary so that it would run within the perameters of the Ousephs' ancestral estate.

In more recent years Ouseph is perhaps better known for his controversial association with the clandestine Prussian organisation 'Sapere Audi' - answering only to the name 'Red Hawk', he can be found most Wednesdays in the beer garden at The Jolly Jack Tarr in Evesham, where staff comment that his extreme pronouncements on the late period novels of Jane Austen have contributed to an increase in the consumption of jacket potatoes and chicken goujons.

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