Thursday, 12 May 2011


Macedoine: mixture of diced fruits and vegetables, medley, mixture
Magisterial: of, relating to, or having the features of a master or teacher, authoritative
Malady: sickness, illness, ague, ictus, ailment
Malaise: bodily weakness, nondescript illness, vague feeling of discomfort
Malapropos: out of place, inappropriate, in an inopportune or inappropriate manner
Malleable: moldable, able to be modified, easily reshaped, having the ease of form
Mannequin: articulated human figure used for design
Mantelletta: sleeveless vestment worn by cardinals
Maquette: scale model of a large item
Maraschino: cordial made from the fermented juice of the marasca cherry
Marasmus: protein deficiency, state of emaciation
Marble: highly-polished building material, irregularly colored
Marcescent: flower term, withering, but not falling off
Marginalia: notes in the margin or margins of a book
Marionette: a puppet bound by strings and controlled with wooden bars
Marmalade: jellylike preserve made from the pulp of fruits, especially citrus fruits
Marmoreal: of, like, made of, or related to marble
Masquerade: festive gathering characterized by participants wearing masks
Material: secular, worldly, the substance(s) of which a thing is made of or composed
Matriculate: to become admitted to membership in a body, society, or institution
Matutinal: of, relating to, or occurring in the morning, early
Maudlin: overly sentimental, saccharine, mawkish, self-pitying
Mausoleum: large, stately tomb or building housing several tombs
Mauve: pinkish purple
Medallion: jewelry or object worn from a necklace
Medley: heterogeneous mixture of typically complementing elements
Melisma: the stretching of a syllable over a series of notes
Mellifluous: flowing with sweetness or honey, smooth and sweet
Mellisonant: wonderful-sounding
Melody: a series or pattern of notes
Memento: an item of special significance
Memorabilia: pl. things remarkable and worthy of remembrance or record
Menagerie: collection of animals in cages or enclosures, diverse hodgepodge, gallery, zoo
Meniscus: anatomical term, the curve in a liquid when observed in a cylinder
Mephitic: poisonous, noxious, lethally dangerous, insidious, toxic, putrid
Mercurial: fickle, erratic, ingenious, changeable, eloquent
Mere: being nothing more nor better than, small, lowly
Meretricious: drawing attention in a vulgar manner, gaudy, tawdry, superficially attractive
Meridian: of or at noon, imaginary line that extends form the North to South poles
Mestizo: a person of mixed racial ancestry
Mewl: whimper, cry like an infant, meow like a kitten, to weakly cry
Mezzanine: partial story between two main stories of a building, lowest balcony of theater
Miasma: atmosphere of disease, fine mist of effluvium or bacteria, noxious emanation
Mica: thin layers of specific, transparent minerals
Midst: in the middle of, among
Mien: air or bearing especially as expressive of attitude or personality, demeanor, aura
Milieu: surroundings or environment, especially of a social or cultural nature
Millennium: one thousand years, period of a thousand years
Milquetoast: timid, unassertive, spineless person, one who is easily intimidated
Mimesis: imitation or representation of the world, mostly in literature and art, mimicry
Mimosa: plant, cocktail drink
Mimsy: flimsy and miserable, someone who excels at what they do
Miniscule: very small, diminutive, when compared to a normal counterpart
Minutiae: pl, tiny, precise details, vestiges, trifles
Mirror: surface able of reflect enough undiffused light to form an image of an object
Miscellany: collection of various items, parts, or ingredients
Mist: mass of fine droplets of liquid
Mithril: fictional, very light, silvery steel
Mizzenmast: third mast or the mast aft the mainmast on a ship having 3 or more masts
Mizzle: fine rainfall, drizzle, mist
Moiety: one of two equal parts, half
Morceau: a small literary or musical composition
Mormorando: musical direction, murmuring or with a murmuring sound
Moue: pouting face or grimace, upset facial expression
Murmur: low, indistinct, continuous sound, to utter such a sound
Myriad: multitude, litany, an amount of, usually large, collection in large numbers
Myrrh: fragrant resin gum from a type of tree, used chiefly for perfume
Mystique: the special, esoteric skill or mysterious faculty essential in a calling or activity
Mythopoeic: pertaining to the making of myths

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