Friday, 20 May 2011


Hacienda: the main building of a farm or ranch
Halcyon: legendary kingfisher, tranquil, calm, without strife, serene
Hallucinate: to affect or be affected with visions or imaginary perceptions
Hazel: light brown or light yellow
Heath: plain, tract of wasteland, uncultivated land
Hegemony: predominant influence, dominance, supremacy, preeminence
Heliotrope: light purple, type of flower
Helix: a spiral, spiral-shaped object or string
Henna: reddish-brown dye used in tinting the hair, skin, or nails
Hubris: excessive pride, overbearing arrogance
Hue: gradation or variety of a color
Humiliate: to enervate or embarrass through specific actions or events
Hyacinth: tropical, American herb, red, transparent variety of zircon used as a gemstone
Icicle: a sliver of tapered, frozen water, usually hanging
Idyllic: Like an idyll, extremely happy, peaceful, or picturesque
Ilium: upper part of the bony femur at the hip joint
Illusion: erroneous mental representation, false image made by outside force or the mind
Illusory: produced by, based on, or having the nature of an illusion, deceptive
Illustrate: to clarify or explain with examples or comparisons
Imbroglio: extremely confused, complicated, or embarrassing situation
Imbue: to embed with a quality, to inspire or permeate with a feeling or quality
Immaculate: spotless, free of sin, without blemish or impurity
Immure: to enclose with walls, ensconce
Impedimenta: pl. things that hinder growth or movement
Impetus: a drive or compelling force, motivation, a reason to do something
Impluvium: of a Roman house, rectangular pool in an atrium used to gather rain water
Imprimatur: a sign or mark of approval, insignia of approval
Incalescent: becoming hotter or growing more ardent, boiling
Incarnadine: pinkish, flesh-colored, blood-red
Incense: to induce rage, infuriate, aromatic element designed to induce relaxation
Incipient: in or at an initial stage, beginning to exist or appear
Incisive: penetrating, clear, and sharp, as in operation or expression
Incunabula: pl. book printed before 1501
Indolence: laziness, extreme ease or comfort
Ineffable: indescribable, impossible to describe, enchantingly amazing
Inertia: tendency of a body to resist acceleration, a body at rest wants to stay at rest
Influenza: acute contagious viral infection, commonly called the “flu”
Inglenook: a nook or corner beside an open fireplace, chimney corner
Ingravescent: gradually becoming more severe, worsening, usually of a medical condition
Ingénue: a naive, innocent girl or young woman
Innocent: without sin, pure, free from legal or specific wrong, guiltless, naïve, simple
Inoccuity: the quality or state of being harmless, trifling, or insipid
Inoculate: introduce an idea or view into the mind of, inculcate, inject a serum or vaccine
Insipid: lacking flavor or zest, lacking excitement, stimulation, or interest, dull, vapid
Intaglio: an engraving or incised figure in stone or other hard material
Inundate: deluge, to fill quickly beyond capacity, to cover with water, drench, overwhelm
Inure: to take effect, or to accustom to something, typically unpleasant
Iris: the colored portion of the eye that encircles the pupil
Iscariotic: traitorous, treacherous, given to betrayal, having committed betrayal
Isinglass: thin sheet of translucent mica
Isosceles: having two equal sides, of a triangle
Isthmus: narrow strip of land connecting two larger masses of land
Ivory: pure white color, material derived from elephant tusks

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