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Caballero: skilled horseman, gentleman, cavalier
Cabaret: a restaurant with live entertainment
Cadence: rhythmic flow of the sounds of language, lilt
Cadenza: musical or literary improvisation
Caesious: blue-gray
Caesura: a pause in a line of verse
Calico: coarse, brightly printed cloth, a type of pattern
Caliginous: misty, dim, obscure, dark, gloomy, tenebrous
Calliope: musical instrument fitted with steam whistles, played from a keyboard
Callipygian: having a beautiful, admirable, or sexy butt
Callow: immature, green, lacking experience, naïve
Calypso: rare orchid, a tribal and fervid dance
Cancrizans: backwards movement, crab walking, music moving backwards
Candelabra: pl. branched candlestick with several candles
Canticle: a song, poem, or hymn, usually of a church choir
Capriccio: music, improvisation, without adherence to rules
Capriccioso: music, lively and free of restraint, restriction, or direction
Capricious: impulsive, whimsical, unpredictable
Caress: touch or stroke lightly in a loving or endearing manner
Cartesian: of or relating to the philosophy of Descartes
Cascarilla: West Indian shrub with aromatic bark, typically used in incense or tonics
Catena: closely linked series, connected series of related things, especially of writing
Cathismata: pl. one of the 20 divisions in a Greek Psalter
Cavil: to object or criticize adversely for trivial reasons, flimsy objection or qualm
Cedilla: diacritic beneath word to alter pronunciation “façade”
Celadon: pale green
Celeripedean: quick-footed, swift, fast-running
Celerity: speed, alacrity, briskness
Celesta: ancient musical instrument
Celestial: heavenly, of a higher plane, empyreal, of space
Cello: large, stringed instrument that generates deep tones
Cellophane: thin, flexible, transparent cellulose material used as moisture-proof wrapping
Cellular: pertaining to cells or their structure, containing cells
Cellulite: fatty deposit causing a dimpled appearance, as around the thighs or buttocks
Celluloid: transparent, colorless, synthetic plastic used to manufacture photographic film
Cenotaph: an unmarked grave
Centennial: of or relating to a period of 100 years, occurring once every 100 years
Cerulean: watery blue
Cerumen: yellow, wax-like secretion from the external ears, “earwax”
Cessation: pause, interruption, ceasing, ending
Chalice: cup for consecrated wine, goblet
Chamois: goatlike antelope, type of cloth for cleaning
Champagne: bubbling alcohol with fruity taste
Chandelier: ceiling-mounted light fixture or glass structure
Chantpleure: to cry while singing, to cry and sing simultaneously
Chariot: two or four-wheeled, horse-drawn war or procession vehicle
Chartreuse: swampy green
Chatoyant: like or resembling a cat’s eye
Chauffer: a designated paid driver for formal occasions
Cheilion: the corner of the mouth or oral cavity
Chevelure: head of hair, hair on the head, tresses, a nebulous envelop(as around a comet)
Chiaroscuro: composition of strong contrasts in light and dark
Chiasmus: rhetorical, inverse sentence, “One should eat to live, not live to eat”
Choreography: the art of creating and arranging dances or ballets
Cicada: loud, locust-like insect that chirrups
Cinder: burned substance, one which is no longer capable of combustion
Cinnabar: bright red, glowing red
Cinquefoil: five-leaved, plant with limbs that are five-leaved, five-pointed leaves
Circlet: ring-shaped ornament or piece of jewelry, especially for the head
Circuitous: having a circular or winding course, indirect, roundabout
Circular: of, like, related to, or resembling a circle
Cislunar: of or relating to the space between earth and the moon or the moon’s orbit
Cistern: an underground reservoir
Citadel: bulwark, a fortress or stronghold, refuge
Cithara: ancient Greek instrument, like a lyre
Civility: formal or perfunctory politeness, state of being civil
Clandestine: kept secretly or done secretively
Clarion: medieval trumpet with clear shrill tones, clear and shrill, loud burst of sound
Clavicle: the collarbone of a human
Clavilux: machine that generates light via music
Cleanse: to free from dirt, defilement, or guilt, purge or clean
Clemency: mercy, an act of mercy, showing mercy
Clerisy: the well-educated or learned class, intelligentsia, cognoscenti
Clinquant: glittering as gold, glittering with tinsel, showily ornate
Clithridiate: keyhole-shaped, resembling a keyhole
Cloister: monastatic establishment, convent of living
Coalesce: to fuse, intersect, or entwine to create a unity
Coelacanth: prehistoric fish still alive today
Coercion: the act of coercing, the use of pressure, threats, blackmail, or intimidation
Collectanea: selection of pieces of writing by an author or by several authors
Colliquate: to change from solid to liquid, to liquefy
Colloquial: informal, as in speech, conversationally informal
Colophon: inscription at the end of a book, an identifying emblem for a book
Coloratura: elaborate or technical vocal music with florid ornamentation
Comestibles: items suitable to be eaten, edible sundries, articles of food, victuals
Communiqué: an official announcement, bulletin board, a dispatch, an official report
Conciliabule: secret meeting of conspirators
Conciliate: to win over from a state of hostility or distrust, appease
Concinnity: harmony in the arrangement or fitness of parts with respect to a whole
Concupiscence: lasciviousness, lewdness, ardent lust
Congelifraction: splitting or disintegration of rocks as a result of the freezing of the water
Constellation: specific arrangement of stars to form an image
Convalesce: to recover or recuperate, recover from a serious injury
Copse: thicket of small trees or shrubs, a coppice, small wood, a tree
Coquelicot: plant, red poppy
Coquette: woman who makes teasing sexual or romantic overtures, a flirt or tease
Coracle: small rounded boat made of waterproof material stretched over a frame
Cordillera: group of mountain ranges forming a mountain system of great linear extent
Coriander: aromatic herb, herb used in a variety of perfumes
Corinthian: pertaining to Corinth or its culture, architecture
Cortical: of, relating to, derived from, or consisting of cortex
Coruscate: sparkle, reflect brightly, shimmer
Cosmology: study of the physical universe considered a mass of phenomena in spacetime
Cosmopolitan: pertaining to the world at large, without localized prejudices
Coterie: tightly-knit group of persons having a common purpose or interest, cadre, clique
Craquelure: fine pattern of dense cracking formed on the surface of paintings
Crescendo: music, gradual increase of tempo, volume, or intensity
Crystal: mineral with many possible permutations, gemstone-like
Cumulonimbus: type of cloud that augurs, foretells, or indicates bad weather
Cuneiform: wedge-shaped, Sumerian language
Curlicue: fancy curl or twist, flourish of writing
Cursive: flowing, effusive, wavy, type on handwriting in English
Cuvette: a small, transparent, often tubular laboratory vessel
Cyan: greenish-blue
Cyaneous: deep blue, cerulean
Cygnet: a baby swan, young swan
Cylinder: long, tubular geometric shape rendered in three dimensions
Cymbal: percussive instrument, usually attached to a drum kit
Cynophilist: dog-lover, one who loves or appreciates dogs
Cynosure: that which garners great attention by calling to its brilliance, interest
Cypress: swampy tree or plant, plant or tree occurring in swamps
Cytherean: pertaining to beauty or the goddess, Aphrodite
Czigany: gypsy, Hungarian gypsy

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