Saturday, 28 May 2011


Baccalaureate: bachelor’s degree, valedictory speech
Balustrade: architectural term, series of balusters or parapet
Banderilla: decorated dart that is shot into the neck of the bull during a bull fight
Bardiglio: finely-grained, multi-gray, Italian marble
Basilica: large, public building the Romans used, usually as a courtroom or meeting hall
Bastille: imprisonment, jail, prison
Bayonet: blade adapted to fit the muzzle-end of a rifle and as a weapon in close combat
Belladonna: poisonous plant
Belle-lettres: “beautiful letters” aesthetic literature, as opposed to didactic
Bellicose: inclined or eager to fight, aggressively hostile, belligerent, pugnacious
Bellwether: leader or indicator of future trends, trendsetter
Belvedere: roofed structure, on top of another building, which commands a large view
Berceuse: lullaby, song used to put someone to sleep
Bethesda: a hallowed, sanctified, or holy place, a chapel, holy ground
Bezaleel: shadow of God, God’s shadow
Bibelot: trinket, bauble, small object which is rare or valuable or beautiful, a small book
Bibliophile: someone who loves (and usually collects) books, book collector
Bijouterie: general plural of trinkets or jewelry, gallery thereof, display thereof
Bivouac: temporary military or squad encampment
Blaze: bright flame of fire, bright steady light or glare, hot gleam
Blellum: an idle, indiscreet talker, noisy fainéant
Bliss: joy, rapture, elation, felicity
Blithe: carefree, nonchalant, heedless, lacking concern, joyous
Blossom: billowing, period or condition of flowering or growth
Bloviate: to make pompous or arrogant discourse
Boeotian: marked by stupidity and philistinism, crudely obtuse, loutish
Borasca: squall, usually accompanied by thunder and lightning
Bordereau: a detailed note or memorandum of account
Boulevard: broad street, avenue, broad spectrum of something
Bouleversement: reversal of fortunes, overturning, tumult
Bourgeoisie: the middle class, the middle class in Communist theory
Braggadocio: arrogant person, braggart, arrogant or boastful behavior
Brecciate: to form rock into breccia(rocks made of sharp fragments set in a grainy matrix)
Breeze: gentle push of the wind
Breviloquence: speech characterized by brevity, shortness, briefness
Brevity: briefness, swiftness, evanescence
Bricolage: something made or put together using any materials that happen are available
Brio: joie de vivre, vivacity, alacrity, gusto, esprit
Burnish: to polish, the shine of a polished surface

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