Wednesday, 6 April 2011


Wan: pallid, of a sickly complexion
Warble: trill, croon, purr, chirrup
Weather: state of the atmosphere at a given time and place
Whilom: formerly, former, erstwhile
Whimsy: quaint or fanciful idea, a whim, capricious humor or playful disposition
Whisper: soft speech produced without full voice, something uttered very softly
Winceyette: cotton cloth, cloth made of cotton that has a raised surface
Winnow: to filter out, to remove unnecessary or undesirable parts
Wisteria: a genus of twisting, woody, and climbing vines
Wyvern: type of dragon, typically without legs
Xenodochial: friendly or especially kind to strangers or foreigners
Xenoglossy: language learned spontaneously and without prior knowledge
Xysti: pl. covered portico of a gymnasium
Yowl: to utter a loud long cry of grief, pain, or distress, wail
Zenith: point on the celestial sphere that is above the observer, highest point, maximum
Zephyr: slight burst of gentle wind, gentle breeze
Zitella: maiden, unmarried woman, bachelorette
Zyzzyva: a type of weevil

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