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Sable: black, type of animal with a deep, black pelt
Salient: prominent or conspicuous, most important
Saline: salty, pertaining to salt
Salubrious: health-giving, healthy, healthful, relating to good health
Salve: remedial lotion or substance to soothe or allays
Sangfroid: composure or coolness as shown in danger, imperturbability
Sanguine: of a healthy reddish color, ruddy, blood-red, of the color of blood
Sapience: rationality, compare sentience, wisdom or sagacity
Sapphire: bright blue, valuable gemstone of a bright yet deep blue
Sardonyx: type of stone(onyx) with sandy bands
Satellite: celestial body that orbits a planet, a moon, object designed to orbit a planet
Scarlet: bright-red color
Scepter: rod or wand, usually adorned in regalia
Schefflera: type of shrubby, tropical plants which are cultivated for their showy foliage
Scialytic: dispersing shadows, typically with light
Scilicet: to wit, that is, namely
Scintilla: an infinitesimal item or mote, tiny thing
Scion: an heir or descendant, a twig or shoot used for grafting
Sclera: the whites of the eyes
Scoliosis: abnormal lateral curvature of the spine, affliction thereof
Scythe: agricultural implement with a long, curving blade fastened to a long handle
Seizure: act, condition, or instance of seizing or being seized, fit, spasm, convulsion
Selcouth: unusual, rare, unique, or strange
Selenian: designating, relating to, pertaining to, or of the moon
Semblance: apparent form of something, especially when the reality is different
Semiotician: one who studies, applies, or explains the theories of semiotics
Sempiternal: eternal, endless, lasting forever, ceaseless
Senescence: state of being old or growing old, cellular decomposition, studies thereof
Sentient: aware, characterized by the ability to feel or perceive, conscious
Sequacious: pertaining to sequence or order, following
Sequence: succession, an arrangement, related or continuous series
Sequester: to relegate to a small space, to cause to withdraw into seclusion
Seraglio: harem, harem house, brothel, living quarters thereof
Seraphim: pl. six-winged angel
Serenade: courtesy performance given to honor or express love for someone, to serenade
Serendipity: occurrence and progress of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way
Serenity: calmness, tranquility, relaxation
Sesquipedalian: having many syllables, long, given to or typified by the use of long words
Sestina: poem of six six-line stanzas and a three-line envoy
Seven: seventh integer in a series
Sforzando: music, suddenly or strongly accented
Sfumato: definition or form without hasty outline by mild gradation from light to shadow
Shadow: shade within clear boundaries
Shallow: lacking physical depth, lacking depth of intellect, emotion, or knowledge
Shimmer: to shine with a subdued, flickering or wavering light
Shiver: a tremble, to tremble, shudder, or shake
Shrivel: wither due to lack of moisture, cause to contract, lose momentum
Sibilant: hissing, making a sound that resembles hissing
Sibyl: prophetess, fortune-teller, female prognosticator
Sidereal: of, related, pertaining to, or determined by the stars or constellations
Sidle: walk in a furtive or timid manner, especially obliquely or roundabout
Sienna: yellowish-brown, type of clay
Sierra: ridge of a mountain or mountains
Sigil: seal, signet, glyph, sign or image considered magical
Silence: state or quality of soundlessness, lack of sound
Silhouette: picture as an outline, often a human profile, filled in by a solid color
Silkscreen: stencil method of printing, in which a design is put on silk or other fine mesh 
Silver: shimmering gray color, type of metal
Simplicity: state or quality of being simple, freedom of complexity or intricacy
Simulacrum: image or representation, false, unreal, or vague simulation or semblance
Sinecure: an easy occupation or one which requires almost no responsibility
Siphon: to suck through, absorb through an appendage
Sirocco: hot, humid south or southeast wind of southern Italy
Sisyphean: pertaining to or involving endless labor, pertaining to Sisyphus
Sittella: small, gregarious songbird
Sleep: state of slumber, position of rest for the physical and mental being of a living being
Slender: long and thin, tall
Slice: a thin section of something, to slash or remove a small section of
Slither: to glide or slide like a reptile
Sluice: artificial channel for conducting water, with a valve or gate to regulate the flow
Smolder: burn without flame, to undergo slow and compressed combustion
Sobriquet: nickname, moniker, adopted name
Soigné: elegant, sophisticated, well-groomed
Sojourn: brief visit, stopover, jaunt
Solace: comfort or consolation in a time of sadness or distress
Solecism: an impropriety, nonstandard grammatical construction, violation of etiquette
Solemn: serious, dignified, formal, stern
Soliloquy: dramatic monologue, intense speech with exposition but not addressed
Solipsism: philosophical idea that only one's own mind is sure to exist
Solstice: one of two times in the year when the sun is furthest from the equator
Sommelier: a waiter expertly trained in alcoholic beverages, wine steward
Sonata: music, series of three solos
Sonnet: fourteen-line poem with specific rhyme scheme
Soothe: to allay, alleviate, relax, pacify
Sorcerer: practitioner of sorcery, wizard, warlock, magician
Sotto voce: soft-voiced, emphasis on quiet speech
Soubrette: saucy, coquettish woman in comedies
Soufflé: light, fluffy baked dish
Sough: a soft, gentle sigh, murmuring, purling, or rustling sound
Souvenir: keepsake, memento, something of sentimental value
Specious: superficially plausible, but actually wrong, misleading in appearance
Spinal: pertaining to, relating to, of, or using the spine
Spiral: helix, string in a successively concentric pattern
Splice: to infuse, join, interweave, unite
Spool: cylinder with ridges that has spirals string around it
Stasis: equilibrium causing a peaceful inactivity via equal opposing forces
Stiletto: high-heel with sharp point, small dagger
Stillicide: water falling from the roof of a house or a gutter
Sublime: noble, exalted, majestic, empyreal
Succinct: briefly stated, laconic, terse
Succor: to aid or assist in a time of need, assistance
Suffuse: gradually spread through or over, with light, color, music, or liquid
Suicide: the act of murdering oneself
Surreptitious: stealthy, kept secret, hidden
Sussurant: whispering, making a continuous, low, and indistinct sound
Sussurous: pertaining to whispering, whispering
Susurrus: a whisper, something which resembles a whisper
Svelte: suave, urbane, savvy, slender, lithe, polished, sophisticated
Swain: a young man, suitor, ephebe
Swath: width of a scythe-stroke, strips or radii made by something
Swerve: to abruptly turn or deviate from an otherwise straight course
Sweven: dream, vision, premonition
Swoon: fainting spell, collapse from ecstasy
Syllable: unit of spoken language consisting of a single uninterrupted sound
Sylph: graceful woman, fairy, air elemental
Sylvan: relating to or characteristic of woods or forest regions, forest sprite
Symbiosis: mutual biological synergy between two dissimilar organisms
Symphony: extended orchestral movements
Symposium: conference for discussion of a particular topic
Synchronicity: theory of, coincidence of two or more curiously similar events
Synecdoche: a reference to a part as opposed to the whole, girl as “skirt” ship as “sail”
Syzygy: alignment or unity of specific objects, notably in space or literature

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