Friday, 29 April 2011


Quaquaversal: directed outward from a common center to all points, omnidirectional
Querencia: the area of the bull-ring where the bull makes its stand
Quintessence: fifth element, perfect embodiment
Quisquose: something which is difficult to deal with
Quiver: shiver, shake, quaver, tremble
Quotidian: daily, mundane, occurring every day
Radii: pl. any line segment from the center of a circle or sphere to its perimeter
Rapture: ecstasy, felicity, state of sheer happiness, happiness to the point of delirium
Rariora: pl. unusual collector’s items, outstanding items, prize pieces
Ratatouille: French dish, vegetable stew
Realm: region, kingdom, plane, domain, territory
Recherché: elegant, refined or tasteful, sophisticated
Recidivism: act of repeating punished act, chronic tendency to repeat crimes
Reciprocity: the quality or state of requiting, mutual dependence
Redivivus: revived, come back to life, resurrected, resuscitated
Redolent: piquant, aromatic, or memory-invoking
Regalia: the emblems and symbols of royalty, such as the crown and scepter, jewelry
Relinquish: voluntarily cease to keep or claim, surrender
Reliquary: receptacle, such as a coffer or shrine, for keeping or displaying sacred relics
Renaissance: rebirth or revival, renewal of cultural and intellectual thought
Repartee: swift, witty reply, conversation marked by the exchange of witty retorts 
Replica: copy or reproduction of a work of art, especially one made by the original artist
Resonance: quality of being resonant, extension of sound via sympathetic vibration
Resplendent: sublime, full of color, dazzling, splendid
Revenant: specter, ghost, one who returns after a long absence
Reverie: an idle daydream, a thought of idle desire, a surrendering to imagination
Rhapsody: impassioned, inspired, or vibrant literature or music
Rimulose: characterized by or having small chinks, fissures, or cracks
Risorgimento: a time of renewal or renaissance, revival
Roseate: rose-colored, rosy, optimistic, cheerful and bright, promising
Roué: a rake, rouge, philanderer, lothario
Rupestrian: of or composed of rock, sculpted with or by rock

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