Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Top 20...TV Competition Questions (Part 3).


These are all real questions, as featured on bad TV shows...

Go on, test yourselves...

10. Which beardie entrepreneur is the man behind the Virgin brand?:
a) Richard Branson
b) Monty Panesar
c) Tiger Woods

9. What is the surname of two Ukrainian boxing brothers?:
a) Neville
b) Kray
c) Klitschko

8. How do Pygmy goats differ from other breeds of goat?:
a) They eat croissants
b) They are more evil
c) They are smaller

7. According to the original back-story, where was Superman born?:
a) Radox
b) Krypton
c) Argos

6. Which pickled vegetable is used as the nickname for '30 St Mary Axe' in London?:
a) Trousers
b) Root beer
c) Gherkin

Tricky, huh?


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