Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Top 20...TV Competition Questions (Part 2).


As featured on daytime TV...

Go on, test yourselves...

15. Cliff Richard's hit 'The Young Ones' featured on the soundtrack to which of his films?:
a) Patch Adams
b) The Young Ones
c) Halloween

14. Which American state is known as 'The Lone Star State'?:
a) Texas
b) Berlin
c) Africa

13. What does Delilah take from Samson by cutting his hair?:
a) His strength
b) His TV
c) His hair

12. What are the names of the two old men that sit in the box of the Muppet's Theatre and complain?:
a) Jean-Baptiste and Phillippe
b) Waldorf and Stephen Dorff
c) Statler and Waldorf

11. How was Phil Collins' "kind of love" in 1988?:
a) Unnecessary
b) Awkward
c) Groovy

How did you get on?


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