Sunday, 12 December 2010

Top 20...TV Competition Questions (Part 1).


As featured on 'This Morning', 'Richard & Judy' etc., and ITV in general...

Go on, test yourselves...

20. 'Hall and Oates are associated with which type of music?':
a) Big-Eared Soul
b) Blue-Eyed Soul
c) Red-Haired Soul

19. 'How many movies are there in the Lord of the Rings trilogy?':
a) 20
b) 1
c) 3

18. 'Champagne is sparkling wine from which part of France?':
a) Champagne
b) Baby Cham
c) Chimpanzee

17. 'Who did Bill Clinton say he "did not have sexual relations with..." in 1998?':
a) Hillary Clinton
b) Nancy Reagan
c) Monica Lewinsky

16. 'What is the correct title of the 2007 movie?':
a) No Country for The Omen
b) Incontinence for Old Men
c) No Country for Old Men

How did you get on?


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