Sunday, 12 December 2010

----------------The Bad & The Ugly.-----------------

"Things That Do Not Appeal In This World Or The Next..."

      • Summertime.  Controversial? Of course. Having hay fever, effectively therefore being allergic to summer, isn't the half of it. I don't like the summertime because it brings out the idiots from everywhere. People always start behaving poorly and become aggressive, just because it's hot. People sweat more and therefore smell worse. Hot, sticky, sweaty 'orribleness. It's hard to get to sleep because of the heat, and my beard becomes itchy. Summertime is no friend of the bearded.
      • Holes in socks.
      • Sneezing whilst driving.
      • Sneezing whilst carrying a hot beverage.
      • The moment, during an argument, when you realise you're wrong.
      • Deciphering the fine line between boredom and hunger.
      • Polyfilla-ing, sanding down, and then painting, a ceiling.
      • Wind Chimes.


      More things on the way...


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