Friday, 12 November 2010

Quote, Unquote (Groucho Marx Edition).


Groucho Marx (1890 - 1977)
Julius Henry "Groucho" Marx was a comedian and film star famed as a master of wit, with a speciality in rapid-fire innuendo-laden patter.

Born in New York City, he was the son of Jewish immigrants from Germany and France.

He made 13 films with his siblings - "Chico" (Leonard) and "Harpo" (Adolph, but later 'Arthur'), which included 'Animal Crackers' (1930), 'Duck Soup' (1933) and 'A Night at The Opera' (1935).

The two youngest Marx brothers 'Zeppo' (Herbert) and "Gummo" (Milton) did not develop their stage characters to the same effect, and eventually left to pursue other careers. Gummo was not in any of the movies; Zeppo appeared only in the first 5.

His death, of pneumonia at the age of 86, was somewhat overshadowed by the death (3 days previously) of one Elvis Aaron Presley.

Groucho was described by Woody Allen as 'the best comedian America ever produced - unique in the same way that Picasso or Stravinsky are'.

"Before I speak, I have something important to say".

"Who are you going to believe, me or your own eyes?"

"I refuse to join any club that accepts people like me as a member".

"I've had a perfectly wonderful evening. But this wasn't it".

"I'm leaving because the weather is too good. I hate London when it's not raining".

"Getting older is no problem. You just have to live long enough".

"I find television very educating. Every time someone turns on the set, I go into the other room and read a book".

"Quote me as saying I was mis-quoted".

Click here for a clip of the great man...


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