Thursday, 11 November 2010

Nothing Rhymes with Nothing: The Capes.


The 'lost' song, for lack of a better way of putting it.

I remember Kris calling me into his room to play me his new demo.

This wasn't entirely unusual, as he wrote songs all the time, and you could hear music buzzing and chugging and whirring from his messy quarters all day - but if he actually called you in to play you a demo, you knew that he really liked it. It was almost like a manager holding a press conference to announce a new signing.

I felt like my opinion mattered to him, so would pay attention and think carefully before offering a judgement. He seemed nervous as I listened intently. I want to remember him as biting his nails (which was something he would do) but whether that is accurate, I'm not sure.

I loved it immediately. It was brilliant.

I told him it might be our 'Beetlebum'. Fortunately he knew this to be my favourite song by Blur, and, seeing as he was also a Blur fan, he seemed pleased with my comment.

We tried it out in rehearsals, and after some fine tuning it sounded really good.

Unfortunately, however, there was an absence of cohesion, magic, spark or...something when we went into the studio to record it, and therefore not only was the end product a little uneven, but also it was felt by some to be out of sync with the rest of the songs we were playing at the time.

To be fair I think Kris probably just thought we (he) had better songs.

I chanced across it one day on YouTube.

Heaven knows how it got there.

I still love it. It's like an old pair of shoes that are past their best but still feel right somehow.

The melody of the verse, bass line, and keyboard outro being particular highlights:

"Well it's less about romance, and more about hurting now...".


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