Saturday, 28 August 2010

Top 20...Shop Names.



20. Just Falafs (Veggie Restaurant)

19. Shammy Davis Junior (Window Cleaners)

18. Breakfast at Timothy's (Restaurant)

17. Tyrannosaurus Pets (Pet Shop)

16. The Merchant of Tennis (Sports Shop)

15. Grillers In The Mist (Restaurant)

14. Vinyl Resting Place (Second Hand Record Shop)

13. Reef Encounter (Surfing and Diving Equipment)

12. Back to the Fuchsia (Florists)

11. Ghost Bus-Tours (Ghost Tours)

10. Aesop's Tables (Greek Restaurant)

9. Womb To Grow (Maternity Wear)

8. Dave's (Authentic Chinese Take-away)

7. Florist Gump (Florists)

6. C'est Cheese (Cheese Shop)

5. Bonnie Tilers (Tiling Company)

4. Napoleon Boiler Parts (Plumbers Merchants)

3. Touching Cloth (Tailor)

2. The Wiener Takes It All (Sausage Van)

1. Owlcatraz (Bird Sanctuary)


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