Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Quote, Unquote (Part 3rd).


Further reaction towards this blog, the year's most underwhelming success story...

“Although attempting to be honest in his dishonesty, Cresswell appears to be the bear that can’t shit in the woods.”

“It’s like…dreaming that you’re falling, freefall, in a falling lift, only to wake up, and realise that you’ve not only wet the bed, but are also late for work. However, when you get to work, someone makes you a hot beverage and gives you a hug.”

“If the 'best blog list' is a menu, then this blog is the freshest thing on the menu. Albeit a morally questionable menu, in a restaurant built on bullshit.”

"I like Christmas, but not when Noddy Holder sings about it. I like this blog, but not when Noddy Holder talks about it."

“A real rollercoaster ride – turgid, and at times even motionless, but a rollercoaster ride nonetheless.”


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