Sunday, 31 October 2010

Friday, 1 October 2010



"It's good to shut up sometimes".
- Marcel Marceau

Hello, and good morning/afternoon/evening.

Writing this blog has been fun, but unfortunately/fortunately I will now be taking a brief hiatus, and therefore will not be 'active' again for a month or so.

I have been hand selected by the British Embassy in Stockholm, Sweden, to step in as 'Official Translator to the Chief Bursor' on a temporary contract (based on the insistence of my lawyers). I think we all know what happened to my predecessor, so I wish the authorities well in their attempts to catch him before he leaves the country. 

I will therefore be abroad for a while, with limited time on my hands for the purposes of creative thought, let alone creative writing. 

I will also be unable to fulfill any after-dinner-speaking appearances or public engagements that remain in my diary over that same time period. May I thank Lord Attenborough, Smokey Robinson and Beverley Aspinall of Fortnum & Mason for their understanding, advice and support in this matter.

I hope you find that there is plenty to flick through/read/listen to/watch on this blog already, so why not peruse the 'Gifthorse Categories'? You might find something fun, or good, or fun and good, that you missed first time round.

Or you could just follow me on Twitter.

Thanks to everyone for their kind feedback thus far - I hope we can reconvene soon, and close by saying...

"Maj oktober ge dig glädje, kärlek och lycka till orimligt stora portioner".

Very best,